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Residents Painting Safety Tips

While residential painting with a paint roller may seem safe at first glance, and especially if painting just one room, there are several things to keep in mind before you start. Paint is an extremely toxic liquid which can cause serious harm to your skin and eyes. Also, its fumes may cause injury. Painting becomes less hazardous when ladders are used, as well as respirators and safety glasses.

To avoid injuries, make sure you select and set up the ladder correctly.

As you prepare to install your ladder, be sure it is on a solid surface. Set up your ladder on a clean or smooth surface if it is outside. If the grass is dirty, you can place plywood underneath. Be sure to keep the ladder away from walls. Place the base your ladder 1 foot apart for each 4 feet that you will be working at. For example, if the ladder you’re using is placed at 16 feet above the ground, the base should be set back 4 feet.

A ladder that is the proper height for you will also be important. When you need only to paint an inside and your height is less than 10 feet, a step stool will suffice. To ensure that a large ladder is stable, the upper and low sections should overlap. It is important to have enough length for the ladder if you plan on leaning it against anything. If you want it to lean on something, then make sure that the ladder is at least three feet high.

Wear Goggles. While you may not like wearing them, it will be better than getting paint into your eye at the doctor’s office and having to flush it out. Not just any old pair of glasses, but clear ones will do!

Have a Cool Look in a Disposable Mask. The masks will protect you against dust, paint fumes, and other odors.