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Eyelid Surgery Makes You Look Younger

Cosmetic surgery is a very common procedure. Eyelid and brow lifting are among the most common procedures. This is due to the fact they remove deep forehead furrows or wrinkles as well the sagging of the tissue over the eyes. Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is the process of removing excessive wrinkled and sagging eyelid skin. It also removes fat and muscle. Getting rid the bags gives you a healthy, youthful look – discover more.

Lower eyelids blepharoplasty is available with external or internal incisions. Every eyelid procedure is carried out using the highest level of surgical skill. In order to give yourself a fresher and younger appearance, it is important that you have eyelid surgery. While lower eyelid surgical procedures without skin-resurfacing have a faster recovery time, results will not always be consistent. Cosmetic eyelid surgery is often done first, then resurfacing can be performed later when the patient has more time. Lower eyelids surgery, which is most common, aims to reduce the fat bulges of the lower eye bags. Another type of surgery for the eyelids is called trans-conjunctival (or trans-conjunctival) blepharoplasty. This is good for people with a more elastic face.

Eyelid surgery may be performed to the upper, lower, or even both eyelids. Lower eyelid surgery may be performed while you are sedated – Your cosmetic Surgeon will let you know which option is right for you. Incisions usually begin at the outer eyelash margin. Lower blepharoplasty surgery is a very difficult operation for the cosmetic doctor to assess.

Liposuction may not be as effective for patients whose abdominal fat is stored mostly under the skin. Since contact lenses can irritate eyes, it is best to avoid wearing them for around two weeks. It is safe to wear make-up after approximately a week. If you have excessive or wrinkled skin around the eyelids on either side, or lost your natural eyelid crease or have excessive, sagging eyelid skin in upper or low eyelids. Patients who suffer from puffy or fatty pouches on their upper or bottom lids and have an appearance of tiredness or ageing can also benefit.

The age of the patient can influence eyelid surgery. In my case, it’s because I am getting older that I have noticed the appearance of my eyes. There is no effect of eyelid (blepharoplasty), on the cornea. When overhanging excess skin is removed, it can improve vision. In some cases, excess fat deposits that cause eyelid puffiness are removed. These sutures can be clearly seen when used to close the incision.